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BH Single Shaft Shredders

BH Series Single Shaft Shredders are heavy duty size reduction machines suitable for processing a wide range of materials. These shredders are ideal for especially hard and voluminous products. The large shredding chamber and loading hopper capacity, combined with the PLC controlled horizontal ram pusher, ensures optimum feeding to the rotor.


Throughputs range between 1,500kg/hr. –12,000kg/hr. (or more) depending on the model, material type and application.


  • Plastics –Moldings, Purgings/Lump, Profiles, Films etc.
  • Timber/Wood – Pallets, Joiners Waste, Green Waste etc.
  • Paper & Cardboard – Documents, Production Waste, Packaging
  • Copper Cable – Household, Telecoms and Industrial
  • Aluminum – Used Beverage Cans (UBC’s), Swarf, Cables etc.
  • Textiles – Carpet (Rolls & Tiles), Garments, etc.
  • Security Destruction – Counterfeit, Faulty, Out of Date Items
  • Foam – Production Waste, etc.
  • Mixed Household & Commercial Waste – RDF/SRF Production

Standard Features

  • Energy Efficient + Maximum Cutting Force & Productivity
  • Shock Absorbing Gearbox reduces Stress on Drive Components
  • Rotor Knives can be rotated and used on several edges
  • Counter Knives can be adjusted to maintain cutter clearance
  • Quick Change Screens for accurate particle size control
  • Segmented Shredding Chamber Floor with Brass Guides
  • Twin Speed Hydraulics with integrated air cooler
  • Stand Alone Electrical Control Panel with Siemens PLC System
  • Tested, Approved and Certified to the CE safety standards

For technical data or more information please download Behemoth Series Brochure

Behemoth Single Shaft Shredder Tech Sheet photo Behemothtechchart_zpsd884c9be.jpg

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